We do our utmost to achieve your business goals. We believe that efficiency requires reactivity but also adaptability to your wishes and requirements. We therefore provide advice and service in line with your expectations and no surprise related to our fees.


As your preferred partner, we guide you during the development and the implementation of your strategic decisions by anticipating all the legal implications. As your chosen intermediary, we are involved in your projects, in line with your needs and wishes (from an occasional request to a daily legal support).

This preferred relationship brings us to know your values, your habits, your practice and allows us to advise you efficiently. The quality of such a partnership is reflected not only in our immediate availability but also in the moderate and adjusted fees we propose.

We think that a client/lawyer partnership embodies a guarantee of success for the future without affecting our independence, which is crucial to keep our necessary objectivity and bring the external perspective you need.


Dealing with a legal proceeding, managing a crucial negotiation or implementing an important project can lead to a prejudicial stress for you. On top of assisting and representing you, we believe it is our job to absorb and assimilate this stress with professionalism to help you keep the required serenity you need to go on and dedicate your energy to your occupation.